SEEN Safety is a New Zealand company specialized in producing safety sensors for protecting workers from heavy machinery.

The sensors developed by SEEN Safety prevent accidents by detecting workers in critical risk zones around industrial vehicles. SEEN’s exclusive detection technology not only alerts of immediate danger but also quantifies the problem’s magnitude and actively improves the behavior of pedestrians and drivers in critical risk areas. SEEN’s technology provides a simple, effective, and affordable solution to a serious industry problem.

IRIS 860

IRIS 860 is a sensor that facilitates pedestrian detection by recognizing reflective tape. When the pedestrian gets too close to the vehicle, both the driver and the pedestrian are alerted by an audible alarm.
It is able to make detections in all conditions, regardless of factors such as lighting, residue from work, or dirt: it detects anything with reflective tape.
The detection zones can be customized, and as an option, activation can be set only in reverse.

The use of the IRIS 860 sensor represents an important safety precaution in workplaces where pedestrian presence is frequent.

    It works through two detection beams.
    Easy Plug&Play installation.
    Easy sensor setup via the free SEEN app.
    Reliable detection under all conditions.
    Targeted and customized detection zones.
    Optional: attivazione solo in retromarcia.
    Rileva qualsiasi cosa con nastro catarinfrangente.
    No additional cost.
    No apps needed.
    No scheduled maintenance.
  • 60º x 45º detection area
  • 94dB acoustic warning for driver and pedestrian
  • IP67 Designed for outdoor use
  • Detection up to 8 meters
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Eye safe laser beam
  • No interference problems
  • Multiple sensors can work simultaneously
  • Pre-alarm zone

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