Kigis is a brand of security solutions from Kyungwoo Sistech Inc. It is a leader in the design and production of collision and anti-collision systems based on artificial intelligence.

Kigis safety systems, in addition to safeguarding the health and lives of workers, help reduce costs due to accident prevention and maximize work efficiency.
Unlike what is currently available on the market, Kigis offers cutting-edge technological solutions based on AI, which are extremely precise and immune to interference.
Kigis products are available for all heavy vehicles such as forklifts, excavators, wheel loaders, lifts, and trucks used in various industrial sectors.

The cameras have a long operational life, so investing in AI-enabled cameras today will provide benefits that can be leveraged for a long time.

IPAS (Intelligent Proximity Alert System)

IPAS is an innovative safety and intelligent assistance system designed to prevent collisions between pedestrians and moving vehicles in the workplace.

The system consists of safety sensors mounted on vehicles, machines, and team members’ clothing (helmets, lanyards, belts, etc.).

Thanks to state-of-the-art UWB technology, the devices can communicate and accurately measure the distance between them in real-time. The AI integrated into the system can analyze this data and immediately notify both vehicle drivers and pedestrians of the possibility of a collision through audible, visual, and vibration signals.

Plus, depending on specific needs, IPAS can be configured to allow machines to communicate with each other, ensuring greater safety in the workplace. The system’s AI can continuously learn from experience and improve its performance, ensuring greater efficiency and accuracy in preventing dangerous incidents.

  • HIGH PRECISION: : thanks to UWB technology, the system enjoys accurate precision with tolerances up to 10 cm (for detecting a person or vehicle) compared to current market solutions with wider tolerances.

    EASY INSTALLATION: ready to use without registration or calibration required.

    BILATERAL ALARM: equipped with audible and vibration alarms for both the driver and the pedestrian.

    EASY TO USE: simple operation and customizable configuration


IVIEW+ is an advanced security system based on artificial intelligence designed to detect pedestrians in real time and provide alerts to drivers in any industrial site. The 520-megapixel AI camera with 2 channels ensures complete protection against collisions, offering an innovative and effective solution to prevent workplace accidents.

IVIEW+ system is able to protect workers and sensitive equipment within the industrial site thanks to the 4 detection areas within 10.0 meters, which allow users to easily set alarm zones and be immediately alerted in case of dangerous situations. When a subject is detected, the system activates a red alarm screen, an LED flash, and a loud alarm sound of up to 92 dB, alerting drivers to the presence of pedestrians nearby.

IVIEW+ has been designed to be easily integrated with any fleet, thanks to its magnetic attachment and simple cables and connectors, and can be configured according to the specific needs of the industrial site. Thanks to its advanced AI technology, the system provides a complete solution for workplace safety, minimizing the risk of accidents and ensuring effective protection against collisions.

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