Flexxaire is a Canadian company specialized in the production of reversible cooling fans for industrial, agricultural, and vehicle applications.
Since September 2018, Incofin has been the partner and sole distributor for Italy.


The Flexxaire reversible fan represents cutting-edge technology for engine cooling systems.

It is a complete fan system for diesel engines that provides total control of airflow. The distinctive feature of these Flexxaire fans is that their blades can be continuously adjusted, depending on the cooling requirements.

Thanks to this precise control over the airflow through the radiator, optimal heat dissipation produced by the engine is guaranteed.

Plus, by quickly reversing the airflow, the Flexxaire fan can keep the radiator clean by blowing away debris that may clog it.

The reversal of the blades can be programmed for automatic or manual cleaning with just the touch of a button, and also happens at maximum speed, instantaneously rotating the blades from the working position, through the 0° angle, to the cleaning position. After a few seconds, the reversible fan returns to its original position, cooling the engine.

  • FUEL SAVING: With optimized airflow, your engine consumes less fuel during each working hour.
  • RADIATOR CLEANING: The reversal of the airflow keeps the radiator clean, improving engine efficiency and reducing maintenance time.
  • AVOIDS OVERCOOLING: When the engine is still cold, the blade inclination automatically reduces to avoid overcooling.
  • EXCELLENT COOLING : The Flexxaire system is capable of detecting when and how to modify the blade inclination to maximize your engine’s performance.

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