Incofin is a partner and distributor in Italy for Dotnetix, a South African company that produces innovative collision prevention systems based on artificial intelligence.

DotNetix is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of collision prevention systems, custom solutions development, and safety products. The technology used is based on the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Stereoscopic Vision (3D) technology.


SAFEYE is an AI-based camera that increases workplace safety by reducing the risk of collisions between pedestrians and operating machinery The cameras can detect objects, pedestrians, and other vehicles up to a distance of 50 meters, distinguishing them from each other with its sophisticated AI-based technology.

Moreover, the Dynamic Zoning feature adjusts the detection zone based on the speed of the vehicle, providing adequate braking distance for detecting only dangerously close objects.

The camera system sends warning signals to operators through a multi-frequency speaker, allowing them to immediately locate the source of the sound. The detections are remotely transmitted and recorded on the Clearview cloud system, accessible online via Wi-Fi and mobile phones The platform allows for tracking the daily routes of the systems, viewing the areas with the most detections (heatmap) to intervene on safety, and verifying the camera’s status in real-time.

SAFEYE is also equipped with an integrated Vidar that detects the distance from a cliff to prevent accidental damage during unloading operations when the machine is in reverse. SAFEYE is an innovation in the field of workplace safety and an effective solution for preventing accidents and ensuring a safer working environment for everyone.

  • Low false alarm rate.
  • Does not cause false alarms on slopes and declines like traditional reflective technologies (Radar/LIDAR).
  • Improves operator awareness.
  • Differentiates between pedestrians and machines for various alerts.
  • Easy installation.

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