Parker Racor, a division of Parker Hannifin, specializes in the production of fuel/water separators, air filters, and coalescers.
Incofin has been the distributor of Parker Racor for Italy since 1992.

Incofin has been the distributor of Parker Racor for Italy since 1992.

This system, patented in 1983 and called Acquabloc, is used by the world’s leading engine manufacturers and offers a water/fuel separation efficiency of 99%.

Racor Spin-On series fuel/water separator for marine applications:

Parker Racor Spin-On series fuel/water separators for marine applications provide maximum protection for modern diesel and gasoline engines, effectively removing contaminants such as water, sand, dirt, and rust from fuel, ensuring greater engine durability and reliability.

All Spin-On series filters use the Acquabloc filter element. Depending on the chosen product, three different filtration grades are available: 30 microns, 10 microns, and 2 microns.

Plus, during Spin-On filter maintenance, only the filter element is replaced, as the contaminant collection bowl and drain plug are reused.

Racor Turbine series fuel/water separator filter

Racor Turbine series fuel/water separators have the ability to separate suspended impurities in diesel fuel like a common fuel filter, but in addition, they also eliminate water, which is often present in diesel fuel.

These filters are called “turbine filters” because the water is separated from the diesel fuel by centrifugal action.

The process of removing contaminants and water occurs through three stages:

  1. Water separation: as the fuel moves through the centrifuge, water and large contaminants settle on the bottom of the collection bowl.
  1. Coalescence: small droplets of water settle on the surface of the conical diaphragm and cartridge element, and by joining together, they fall to the bottom of the collection bowl.
  1. Filtration: Acquabloc stops and captures fine contaminants, solid and non-solid, as the settling water falls into the collection bell

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