BMAIR is a world leader in the field of pressurized filter systems for cabins, which ensure the safety of workers against harmful substances.
Incofin is the partner and distributor for BMAIR systems in Italy.

BMAIR is constantly committed to research and development of innovative solutions to make its overpressure filter systems increasingly performing, in order to protect the health of operators working in contaminated environments and increase safety at work. BMAIR systems are designed to provide filtered and clean air inside the cabin, creating a pressurized atmosphere that prevents the entry of pollutants. In addition to creating a healthy and safe environment for the operator, the system also protects electronic devices present in the cabin.

BMAIR systems can be installed on any construction machine of any brand.


The MAO-3 Cab Guard pressurization system by Bmair has been designed to ensure maximum user safety.

It is equipped with a self-cleaning HEPA filter without corners that ensures complete removal of dust and harmful particles from the air, reducing health risks for workers in the cabin.

Additionally, the system can accommodate an active carbon filter, providing further protection against toxic gases and unpleasant odors. Thanks to the new dimensions of the MAO-3 Cab Guard, the contact time with the filter is greater than current proposals on the market, ensuring superior efficiency in removing pollutants

The PAC Smart Control system also allows constant communication between the pressurization system and other equipment, further improving cabin safety.

  • Robust plastic finish.
  • Self-cleaning HEPA filter without corners.
  • Complete active carbon filter with high contact time.
  • Filter information and temporal event reading via RFID.
  • Long-lasting brushless motor fans.
  • Durable stainless steel housing
  • Easy installation thanks to compact mounting plate.
  • Includes BMAir PAC Smart Control.


The MAO-6HC cabin protection system by BMAir is characterized by an aerodynamic design and compact dimensions, making it ideal for mounting on the roof of the cabin. Thanks to the PAC intelligent control module, equipped with a high-resolution 3.5” LCD display, all filter operation data can be clearly displayed and relevant information easily sent to the safety supervisor.

The filters undergo rigorous testing in external laboratories to ensure their filtering capacity and comply with EMC directives.

  • Aerodynamic design for roof mounting.
  • High capacity and efficiency.
  • Long-lasting brushless motor fans.
  • Filter information and temporal event reading via RFID.
  • Expandable with additional filters for specific sectors.
  • No maintenance required.
  • BMAir control system included.


The MAO-12 system, thanks to its exclusive patented suction system that draws air from the bottom of the unit, is particularly suitable for dusty environments.
The pre-filter captures larger dust particles, reducing the overload on the other filters. In addition, the pre-filter is self-cleaning, as machine vibrations, combined with gravity, cause dust to fall from the system, preventing it from accumulating on the filter.

  • Designed for extremely dusty environments.
  • Patented self-cleaning pre-filter.
  • Separate compartment filter for harmful substances.
  • Robust and durable design.
  • Stainless steel housing.
  • Patented filter detection.


The system protects operators during work in extremely dusty environments in combination with high concentrations of gas and vapors
Compared to the MAO-12 by BMAir, the MAO-22 has a larger filter volume and an extra large dust filter. This system also has a patented self-cleaning prefilter that can be replaced by the operator.

  • Suitable for extremely dusty work environments.
  • Suitable for extreme work environments rich in gas and vapors.
  • Patented self-cleaning filter
  • Stainless steel housing.
  • Robust and durable design.
  • Maximum optimal protection.
  • Expandable with additional filters for specific sectors.
  • BMAir control system included.
  • No maintenance required.

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